January 16, 2016



Lending philosophy

At Pinewood Financial, we aim to be your partner in real estate investing. Our suite of products, combined with our value added advisory services, allow us to help you grow and execute successful projects. When looking at your project, and the risks associated with it, Pinewood Financial takes a holistic view. Using our combined experience and our knowledge of the markets, we are able to assess the real risk associated with a transaction, not merely whether certain boxes are checked. We thrive on helping you to figure out how to get what others determine to be an impossible deal done! We strive to be quick and responsive and operate with integrity, creativity and discipline. Recognizing that each borrowing relationship is unique, we work with our clients to structure a deal that suits each project’s needs.

The Company

Building on the success of its existing lending and investment platforms, Pinewood Financial is the natural evolution of private lending. Pinewood Financial has the capacity both from an experiential and a financial perspective to grow with our clients. We provide short term private loans when time is of the essence or the risk of a transaction is too great, as well as long term loans at more traditional rates, which our clients can transition to or negotiate upfront. As our client’s projects get bigger, Pinewood Financial provides Mezzanine Financing and Joint Venture opportunities. At Pinewood Financial, we strive to be dynamic. We continue to grow and develop with our clients.

Our Team

The team at Pinewood is made up of dedicated and experienced real estate professionals. Between all of our current members, we have over a 100 years of experience in the real estate finance industry. We know the ups and downs, and ins and outs of the Greater Washington Area’s real estate market.

At Pinewood, we employ the knowledge and skill that we have acquired to expeditiously evaluate and help facilitate your transaction. Our team is dedicated to combining our disciplined lending principles with inherent creativity to work with you to get your deal done.

The Pinewood team has an outstanding reputation in the community for their knowledge, experience and ability. Our platform lets you, the client, leverage this expertise to identify the best way to access the capital necessary to realize your real estate investment objectives.